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You are the reason we built this website, so welcome! Make yourself at home.

Johnny Wyatt, CEO
Johnny Wyatt, CEO

“At J3 we love business and we love business owners. We exist to help growth-minded business owners who are looking to gain and retain large numbers of new ideal customers every month.” – Johnny Wyatt, CEO

You can trust J3 to give you a state of the art:

  • Website
  • Managed Social Media
  • Local SEO and much more (see below)

Like no other marketing agency, however, you will love how we combine our proprietary  J3 Relational Marketing Content with proven Visibility Strategies to help you achieve your marketing goals, and see revenues exceed what you invest. We make it fun and easy.

J3 Relational Content

Once people discover that, price is about the same for a number of businesses providing the same service or product, they still must choose which business they will call. So why do they choose you? We would say their choice depends on something that’s more relational in nature.


Many business owners make their business a warm relational place but their website fails to convey that same relational vibe.


You need J3’s proprietary approach to Relational Content–the right words, the right pictures and the right stories–to make your website’s user experience match the experience they have when they come to your place of business. The business they meet on line is like the business they experience when they come through your door.


At J3, we believe that when your ideal customer is trying to decide who they will call, and they make a relational connection with you and your business, your competition vanishes. They call you.

Three Proven Visibility Strategies

Obviously, no matter how engaging or compelling your content, if no one sees it, the marketing effect is zero. So let’s talk about how aggressive you want to be. That will tell us what visibility strategy makes sense for you.


Aggresive…This package includes:

  • Website
  • Basic Social Media
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Google uses the term direct for people who search for you with your name or the name of your business. If most of your business comes from referrals, this strategy may be exactly what you need to go with.

But you say,  I get referrals, but I need to see more new customers than these referrals alone.  Then add the J2 Organic Visibility package.


More aggressive…

  • Add Organic Visibility
  • This is where SEO comes in
  • Eight Basic Requirements of LOCAL SEO

Google uses the term organic meaning people find your website because they Google a keyword attributed to your business. For example: “dentist,” “plumber” “senior homecare”

It won’t happen overnight, but over time your online presence builds and builds until your marketing message becomes organically visible to thousands of your ideal customer…massive growth over time.

But you say I want to see fast results! Then you need to add the J3  Visibility Package.


Most aggressive…

  • Add Online Advertising
  • Google Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC)
  • Facebook Advertising

You get immediate results. With this strategy, people who search for a business, using your key words, find your ads.  They call for an appointment.

Google uses the term PPC for the most popular type of ad campaigns you can get online. It stands for Pay Per Click. You only pay when people click on your ad. With this strategy you invest in advertising with Google, Bing and Facebook to make your marketing message immediately visible to a highly-targeted audience of thousands.

Call today  (520) 404-1087. Let’s discuss whether our unique approach to digital marketing  works for you.

At J3 You have a team of specialists organized to effectivily serve you

Dental Marketing Team
Warren Smith, Web Master -Cisco Certified, Code Guy, first member of the team.
Shevon Johnson, award winning graphic artist. Logos, Stationary, Brochures, Everything graphic design.
Adrian VanVactor, web design,
Kim Murphey, Project manager, Constant Contact expert, Newsletter, Content Development.
Tiffany Richardson, Social Media angel,. Local SEO.
Betty Kruszka, Project Manager, Social Media Director, Writer.

What People Love about the J3 Effect

  • We don’t offer cookie cutter websites but fresh designs that reflect the uniqueness of your business.
  • We think proactively with you. We often hear, “Thank you for what you do for us.”
  • We respond quickly and act concisely when you call in a maintenance request.
  • We make your ideas come to life. You imagine it; we make it happen.


Some of Our Current Work

Southwest Dental Anesthesia Services, Tucson, AZ
Southern Arizona Endodontics, Tucson, AZ
Mid Cities Dental, Hurst, TX
Martin-Taylor Dentistry, Tucson, AZ

Our Services Begin With You

At the J3 Effect, you may choose from a vast menu of quality services: Web Design, Social Media, Newsletter, Copywriting, Photography, Video, Graphic Design, Local SEO and Online Advertising. But we don’t begin by asking what services you want. Instead, seek to understand your goals. Then, based on what you want to accomplish and market realities, we suggest the services we believe make sense.

Call today (520) 404-1087

Let’s talk about Relational Marketing and which Visibility Strategies fit you and your plans.

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