About Johnny Wyatt, CEO

Why Me? Why This? Why Now? Why Not?

It was one morning in November of 2006  when I first knew I was supposed to do what I am doing today, in general, not yet the specifics. It was just a few weeks before I could say officially, like most men my age, “I’m retired.” I could travel, play golf,  do nothing or volunteer, either at my church or with some civic orginization.

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I could be like a lot of retired people I know, busier than I was when I was “working.” But I knew that was not to be for me.

What was to be, I’ve come to think of as a late in life assignment, kind of like Abraham one of my favorite characters who got his assignment at age 75, or Moses who started filming for Cecil D Demil at 80. I don’t expect people, 2000 years from now, will talk about how I parted the Rio Grand River or fathered a baby at 100 like Moses or Abraham.  But I do identify with the struggles and the faith told about in their stories. No I’m just Johnny Wyatt and determined to be the best version of Johnny Wyatt that I can be and to carry out my own late in life assignment with passion and drive, and be super happy doing it.

You might be kind enough to ask, “What is this late in life assignment of your’s, Johnny? I can almost hear Siri asking that question. 🙂  Well let me put it this way. I believe I am to build an elegant, high results Internet marketing agency serving the marketplace in Tucson and across our Nation. That’s what I have been working on since 2007 when I incorporated Johnny Wyatt LTD, operating as The J3 Effect.

Perhaps you are a dentist reading this and wonder how I decided to specalize in dental marketing. I’m sure you know that some people in dental marketing are there, and good at it, because they themselves are dentists who love marketing. You probably also know that some people land in this neiche because they perceive dentists to have available funds. I don’t fit in either of those camps.

In my early days, before I had decided to specialize in dental marketing I was a member of BNI, Business Networking International, where I cut my marketplace teeth as a mature man who was also a baby business owner. I attended a workshop where we discussed how to give an elevator speech and how to identify one’s target audience. The leader of our workshop said, “You ask most fledgling business owners who their ideal customer would be and they answer  ‘anyone.’ But that’s not the right answer, it’s too big a target.

Well, after the meeting, the leader of the workshop and my friend, Eric Timmis asked me, “So Johnny, who is your marketing target, your ideal customer?  I was still wet behind the ears with all of this. However, I didn’t want to make that truth overwhelmingly obvious so I scratched my chin for a moment and I heard myself say, “dentists.”

There wasn’t the slightest amount of strategic wisdom or brilliant reasoning going on. I don’t know, perhaps I said that because a very successful dentist had been my very first website client.  It may simply be that something very alive inside of me knew this is what I was supposed to do. None the less, it must have been the right thing to say, I have been working with dentists ever since and loving it.

Dentists are a special breed. They’re smart, an interesting mix of scientific and artistic. Most are extremely relational and just good folks. It is also true that the typical dentist didn’t learn much about marketing in Dental School and they are much more interested in doing dentistry than doing their marketing, so they need me and they love what our team at J3 does for them.

I tell our team, “We love dentists. We fight for our dentists. We’ve got to make our dentists happy and we’ve got to get exceptional measurable results. Everyday we live those values. Perhaps you are a dentist who is supposed to bring J3 on to your team. We would love to fight your marketing fight with you.

Please give me a call. Let’s talk about how J3 can do some of the heavy lifting that needs to be done in the marketing department of your practice.

Call me today. (520) 404-1087

Before The J3 Effect

Before The J3 Effect, I spent a lifetime leading worship arts departments in churches from Texas and Oklahoma, to New Mexico and finally in Arizona.

The last 17 years of that career, I led the Music and Arts department at the 7000 member Casas Church here in Tucson. It was my privilege to produce not only the worship service experience for thousands of attendees every weekend, but Easter and Christmas Pageants that became city-wide events. For two years I led the Pusch Ridge Community Chorus, performing with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra at Oro Valley’s Fourth of July Celebration.

At Casas I led a fabulous full time staff of music and arts directors. One member of our talented team held a PHD in conducting. There were two or three people with Masters degrees along with other highly talented, deeply experienced music and theatrical professionals.

This amazing staff and I togeher recruited, trained and led a couple hundred of the most committed and talented technology operatives, staging assistants, actors, solo artists, choir members, orchestral and band instrumentalists in Tucson who volunterily gave countless hours making the productions we gave and the servcies we led come to life.

I served on the church’s executive staff overseeing a wide range of servies and ministries and anual abudget of over seven million dollars.