The J3 Conversion Journey


Even though you have the right messaging … the right words, the right pictures, the right stories AND you make your message visible to the right people…Still very little happens unless you do something that encourages people to take action.

I call it the “Pass the Potatoes Dynamic.”

It’s Thanksgiving dinner. Your family is gathered around the table. You want more potatoes, but you just sit there wanting potatoes… As result, the potatoes stay at the other end of the table in front of Aunt Susie who is busy giving Uncle Harry a hard time. But if you simply say, “Aunt Susie, would you please pass the potatoes.”

ASKING triggers the need for a yes/no decision that wasn’t present before you asked.

In this story, most likely, Aunt Susie looks up and gladly passes the potatoes.

In the same way and for the same reason, your customer, when he or she is ready, gladly signs the agreement, fills out the form or picks up the phone and begins a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

But, you must ASK for the sale.

Not only must you ask, you must keep on asking. WHY? Because there are TWO kinds of customers who visit your website.

  1. The convinced person who is ready to buy.
  2. The interested person who is not ready to buy YET.

Most websites only address the Convinced person if anyone at all. And this is where most businesses forfeit tons of new business along with … thousands … even millions of dollars…

Two Types of Call to Action

The “I’m Ready” Call to Action

  • The “I’m Ready” CALL TO ACTION Speaks to the “convinced” person who is ready to buy now. We just need to challenge them to take action.

The “Trust-Building” Call to Action

  • The “Trust-Building” call to action relates to the “Interested” person. Before they will be convinced and ready to buy, you must gain their trust.
  • So offer a valuable piece of information, a free download. Something the average person in your target audience would find almost irresistible.
  • Their response to this offer captures their email address and starts an automated sequence of trust-building communications.
  • Over time, this conversion process can triple the results of your visibility strategies.

This works equally well with virtually any visibility strategy you may have put in place.

When they trust you enough and they feel READY to buy … they do.

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