Mission and Core Values


For When We Must Make a Choice

Certain values, things we as human beings believe to be important, true and right determine the choices we make, whether big or small. Should someone ask, can we list those values? At first, most of us may be hard pressed to do so. None the less, those values, are present. They silently govern our decision making day in and day out. It’s the way we humans are wired.

So, in order to give The J3 Effect a track to run on, a set of non-negotiable rules of behavior, that would take us to a town called Good Decisions , we spent some time to consider, indentify and write down a list of things we belive to be important, true and right. Here’s our Mission Statement and our Core Values. We are always looking for dentists who think about these things the way we do because common values make for strong partnership and powerful outcomes.


We exist to help, successful, growth-minded, fun to work with, owners of relationship driven businesses who need a trust creating approach to their marketing  in order to accomplish their goals in life and in business. ”

Core Values

Build Integrity

We would say, you don’t have integrity, you build integrity. Every time you face a choice whether or not to tell the truth, to fix it now, or simply to do the right thing, and you do it– especially when no one will ever know–you build integrity.

Client focused

We first ask questions to discover our client’s goals and aspirations. We listen. We probe! We then design and implement, customized, creative, up-to-date marketing solutions.


We embrace God given personal uniqueness: to maximize personal possibilities, build solid relationships and develop happy teams, and to discover the heart of each client’s “unique value proposition.”


Facts tell, stories sell. We tell stories. Because: Stories cause people to see things and feel things. People remember what they see. They act on what they feel. We believe the most powerful way to show how your unique difference can impact the story of your potential customer is to tell YOUR story.

Personal Growth

We believe the essence of our highest personal possibilities is written on our hearts and is evident in our strengths, interests, passions, and capabilities. We encourage and invest to identify and develop these possibilities.


We employ the most effective methodologies of team, processes and tools. We pursue elegance with such diligence, passion, and force of will, you could say it resembles a sacred act of worship.


We provide each other and our clients ongoing status awareness and then surprise with a sooner-than-on-time delivery. We complete or communicate.


We plan our objectives, daily, weekly, quarterly, annually, three years out.. We schedule our effort. Basically, we use our calendar instead of a todo list. We focus on one thing at a time.

Profit with a Purpose

Our profit purpose: to finance destinies and advance causes. Some wise man said, “Destinies are extremely financial as are great causes. We must therefore profit greatly.”


We believe we accomplish more if we begin one full day of rest every six sunsets.


We develop crazy loyal mutually beneficial partnerships with people and organizations who share our target audience and heart felt values.


At J3, we love our clients and each other. We fight for our clients and each other. The reason we exist: To co-create happiness and success for our team, our company and the clients we are privileged to serve.

Perhaps your values and ours fit together.

Let’s have a conversation about where you want to go over the next two or three years

and how we can help you get there.

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