Three Proven Visibility Strategies

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Define Your Target – Choose Your Internet Visibility Strategy

Effective visibility strategies are important because, no matter how engaging and compelling you make your website, if no one sees it, the marketing effect is zero.  So, before we choose a visibility strategy, we must first, ask ourselves, to whom do we want to make our message visible. As a relationship driven business where creating trust is everything, you have two broad categories of prospects. People who have heard about you because they have been referred to you by someone and people who have not heard about you but are searching the Internet for your service.  We have clients who say they cannot handle and do not want more new customers than their referrals bring. We also have clients who want, need, and depend on a steady flow of new customers. The visibility strategy that is right for one is very different from the strategy that’s right for the other.

Here you will find links to pages where we talk about three proven Internet visibility strategies: The strategy you should choose depends on how aggressive you want or need to be to achieve your goals.

  • J1 Direct Visibility … If you simply want to roll out the welcome mat to people who are being referred to you and also stay in touch with customers you already have, you need J3’s Direct Visibility strategy. This requires, what we would call, your Internet marketing basics: Website, Google My Business, Basic Social Media and e-Newsletter.
  • J2 Organic Visibility  … On the other hand, if you want Google to spotlight your business for free when people search for your type of business. You want to show up strong in Google’s search results. You need to add the six rigors of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 1-Google My Business, 2-Citations, 3-On Web Page SEO, 4-Back Links, 5-Reviews, and 6-Social Media.
  • J3 Paid visibility  ...  If you need and are willing to pay for fast results. You need to conduct Search Engine and Social Media Advertising Campaigns, possibility combined with traditional forms of advertising.

How to use this section of our website: It is designed to help with decision making about how aggressive you want to be. It also spells out the various pieces of an effective Internet Marketing system. Understand that every relationship driven business needs the Internet marketing basics we talk about under “J1 Direct Visibility”. Most businesses will need to add at least five of the six requirements of Search Engine Optimization that we talk about under “J2 Organic Visibility” and many will require some “J3 paid visibility” as well.  J1 is the foundation you need for all visibility strategies. J2 and J3 add levels of marketing intensity and aggressiveness. To get the complete picture we suggest that you read all three pages.

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